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Mantanzas Sky No. 3
Matanzas Sky No. 3
Humay - Matanzas Sky No. 2
Matanzas Sky No. 2
Humay - Inlet Billows No. 2
Inlet Billows No. 1

Inlet Billows No. 2
Humay - Performance Over Alto Pass i
Performance Over
Alto Pass I
Humay - Performance over Alto Pass II
Performance Over
Alto Pass II
Humay - Performance for the Fields I
Performance for the Fields I
Humay - Performance for the Fields II
Performance for the Fields II

Performance Near Stern's School Road
Atlantique No. 2
Performance for the Fields IIIPerformance for the Fields III
Humay - August Jaunt
August Jaunt
Humay - Matanzas Sky No. 1
Matanzas Sky No. 1
Humay - Matanzas Sky No. 4
Matanzas Sky No. 4
Humay - Performance at Nightfall
Performance at Nightfall
Summer Drift
Summer Drift
Performance over Giant City
Performance Over
Giant City
Over Fallow Fields I
Over Fallow
Fields I
Red Sky in the Morning
Red Sky Morning
Cloudscape at Dusk
Cloudscape III - Dusk
Cloudscape VII - Due East
Cloudscape VII -
Due East

Humay - Over Fallow Field No. 2
Over Fallow Fields No.2
Over Marsh No. 3
Over Marsh No. 3
Rising East
Rising East
Red Islands in the Sky
Red Islands in the Sky
Over Marsh No. 2
Over Marsh No. 2
Cloudscape Anastasia
Cloudscape Anastasia
Cloudscape VI - Red Evening
Cloudscape VI -
Red Evening
Cloudscape I - Mid-Day
Cloudscape I -
Matanzas Sky 6
Matanzas Sky No. 6

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